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WALGA report card on WA election issues

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The Western Australian Local Government Association is publishing a report card in suburban and regional newspapers on the responses of the four main political parties to its schedule of priorities ahead of the WA election.

The election will be held on 9 March. All 59 seats in the Legislative Assembly and all 36 seats in the Legislative Council will be contested.

Key issues covered in the initiative are clarity from the political parties on local government reform; securing pensioner and seniors’ discounts on rubbish charges; introduction of a container deposit system similar to that in South Australia; funding support for grain transport infrastructure; more state funding for underground power; and action on the Swan-Canning river priority plan.

“The advertising campaign coordinated by WALGA is not aimed at supporting one political party over another,” WALGA President, Troy Pickard, said.

“It is aimed to present where the major parties stand on issues that are critical at a community level and allowing the public to have the information to make up their own minds on how to vote.”